Habana Beach Kijkduin
Habana Beach Kijkduin Habana Beach Kijkduin

Beachclub Habana Beach Kijkduin

The ultimate combination of adventure and relaxation at beachclub Habana Beach in Kijkduin

Your ideal destination for corporate outings after an exhilarating day at Beleving Kijkduin. Following a day filled with team building and exciting activities, beachclub Habana Beach offers the perfect setting to unwind, enjoy a refreshing drink, and dine in style.

Beachclub Habana Beach, the place to end the day in a relaxed manner.

With a vibrant atmosphere and breathtaking views of the beach and the sea, beachclub Habana Beach is the place to end the day in a relaxed manner. Our extensive menus offer a variety of culinary delights, prepared with fresh and local ingredients, ensuring every bite is a delight for the taste buds.

Whether you're with colleagues, friends, or family, our friendly and attentive team at beachclub Habana Beach is ready to welcome you and ensure an unforgettable experience. At Strandtent Habana Beach, we strive to create beautiful memories and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels at home.

In short, combine an active corporate outing at Beleving Kijkduin with a relaxing drink and dinner at Strandtent Habana Beach for the perfect day at the beach.

Visitors to beachclub Habana Beach

Habana Beach, partly due to its favorable location on the beach in the seaside resort of Kijkduin, is easily accessible. From the A4 motorway, follow directions to Den Haag Zuid-West. Then, it's a straight road via the Lozerlaan and Kijkduinstraat to Kijkduin. Once you reach the new center of Kijkduin, head towards the sea and keep left. Parking is free throughout Kijkduin!

Once on the beach, you have arrived at your destination: Habana Beach. Note: If you are using a navigation system, please use 'Deltaplein' as your destination. We are also easily accessible by public transport; bus lines 23 and 24 stop directly at the Kijkduin boulevard.

Location: Beachclub Habana Beach, Strandslag 12, 15 en 16, 2554 GH, The Hague