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Robinson Experience

Robinson at the Table: An Adventurous Office Experience

Introducing "Robinson at the Table" by Beleving aan Zee! Dive into the thrilling world of survival and strategy right from the comfort of your office. Or a beach club in Kijkduin. Originating from the beloved TV show, this tabletop adventure has become a favorite corporate activity, especially during the festive Christmas season.

Why Choose Beleving Kijkduin?

With over a decade of experience in organizing activities across popular locations like Scheveningen, Wassenaar, Hoek van Holland, Hoek van Holland, and Katwijk, our team celebrates our milestone with this unique office twist to the renowned "Expeditie RobinZon."

Experience the Robinson Magic
Just like its beach counterpart, "Robinson at the Table" promises an exciting blend of suspense, fun, and creativity. Engage in tasks that challenge your strategic thinking, agility, and problem-solving skills. From constructing bamboo camps to solving magical squares and even "fishing" in the office, the adventure knows no bounds!

The Perfect Indoor Adventure

"Robinson at the Table" is adaptable! Whether you prefer the outdoors or the cozy indoors, this activity remains unaffected by weather conditions. Ideal for teams looking for a dependable and thrilling experience, it can be set up at beach pavilions, hotels, conference centers, eateries, or even right within your office premises.

Unleash Team Dynamics
This two-hour session is not just an adventure; it's a team-building exercise. Catering to large groups of up to 300 participants or more, it promises connection, collaboration, and sheer fun. Plus, ask us about integrating it with the WKR scheme for your next staff party!

Within South Holland
Up to 8 people per group: € 300
For each additional participant: € 25

Outside South Holland
Up to 8 people per group: € 350
For each additional participant: € 30

Prices excluding VAT. Duration 2 hours.

Ready to Book?
Planning a last-minute corporate outing in December or looking ahead to January, February, or March? Our adventures are available year-round, making it an excellent choice for unique events or team gatherings. Secure your spot now at

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